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GH Foodtrips:「Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya」

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  • date 3月 20 2015 – 金曜日

Last March 19, Thursday we went to Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya, an authentic Yakiniku restaurant that has the highest quality Japanese “Wangyu” Beef. It has two branches in Cebu but we went to the one in Crossroads Mall, Kasambagan Banilad Cebu City.

“Yakniku” is a Japanese word which means “grilled meat”, so most of their food are cooked in a Charcoal grill which is way better than electric or butane gas powered stove and the awesome part is, the grills are smoke free! which means you don’t get to smell like BBQ’s after all the cooking or should I say grilling.


Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya

The restaurant is set in Japanese style, clean and well kept. Food booths are wide and comfortable; and you don’t have to worry if you came between peak hours because you can always call for a reservation, but if you failed to do that its not really a problem because they can accomodate a lot of people since they have a second floor.


We had an Eat-all-you-can for Php 550 each.

The meats were thinly sliced and cut into bite size pieces which makes it quick and easy to cook. We had unlimited Sausages, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Squid Roll, Liver, Shrimp which also came with green salad. Everything was delish, well aside from the Liver which I didn’t have any idea how it tasted like because I don’t like liver. The beef was also to die for, especially when you dip it sauce! Yum! They also served a scoop of ice cream at the end as a complimentary dessert which was also delicious.

overall dining experience

I actually loved this place! The staff were very attentive and friendly. If you’re a meat lover and you wish to dine a good quality of meat then Php 550 for unlimited meat is really fair enough!

The only reason why I gave this one 2 stars was because everybody got sick after we ate, which doesn’t really sum with the High quality thing. But maybe that was just us. It still really is a great place though.

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