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King The Explorer: Kalanggaman Island, Palompon Leyte

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  • date 6月 9 2015 – 火曜日
The Magnificent Sandbar of Kalanggaman Island

The Magnificent Sandbar of Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island is a pristine dream beach destination in the Visayas; exactly located in the municipality of Palompon and the province of Leyte. It is famous for its stretches of white powdery sand beaches and its crystal clear blue waters that stretch along both sides of this island. Kalanggaman Island has a length of only 753m and is uninhabitated.


MS EUROPA – The first ever cruise ship that docked in the island in March 20, 2013

The island gained more and more attention after 2013 when a big cruise ship stopped there to let its guest relax under the palm trees for a few hours. There’s no resort on Kalanggaman Island but to provide some comfort for its visitors the local government built some basic facilities and assures safety by tourist policemen which are stationed on the island. It is a perfect getaway for a just a day or a couple of days of camping.

The snorkeling as well as the diving is beautiful and enjoyable in the calm waters around Kalanggaman Island. Therefore Sea Explorers Dive Center in Malapascua as well as other diveshops are regularly offering diving and snorkeling trips to Kalanggaman Island.

Occasionally overnight stays in tents or hammocks are also being offered. Since there’s no water or restaurants on the island be sure you bring your own supplies. You might have the possibility to buy some fresh fish caught by local fisherman which can be barbequed in one of the several grilling stations on the island. Scuba divers can look forward to beautiful wall diving with abundance of soft and hard corals as well as well as a big variety of fish. Whale shark and also thresher shark encounters have been made here.

travel & activities

Boarding a ferry going to Ormoc, Leyte

If you are coming from Cebu City, take the SuperCat or Weesam Express going to Ormoc. The ferry ride takes 2 hours. From Ormoc, take the van going to Palompon. Fare is Php 110.

Touch down! Palompon, Leyte… What a peaceful town

Palompon, Leyte is the jump-off to Kalanggaman Island. Register and pay the fees at the tourism office. They will also assist you with your boat. It is a 1-hour boat ride from the mainland to the islet.

My Travel Buddy(Girlfriend) and her workmates playing card game and preparing some stuffs while waiting for the boat to be ready for boarding…

All aboard! Palompon Tour Staff giving us last instructions about the DOs and Dont’s on the Island…

Land Ahoy!~ Kalanggaman Island here we come! What a God’s gift it is.

After 1 hour boarding the boat, We’ve finally reach our distination the Kalanggaman Island! Even in far you can really appreciate the beauty of this island. The sands are very white and the waves are very intimidating, Thanks to the Municipality of Palompon for taking good care of this one of a kind Islet.

Setting up our tent under a dwaft coconut tree…

The area on this islet is very wide, you can set-up your tent everywhere you like. In my case I had to set it up under this dwarf coconut tree to protect us from the sunlight and facing the entrance to the beach so we can watch the sunset on our tent while relaxing.

Kayaks, Wooden Watch Tower & A Sign…

You can also rent Kayaks and Pedal Boat if you like, also you don’t need to worry about your security because the Municipality provides 24/7 security service around the island. but you also need to take good care of yourself especially when swimming because even though there are life guards around the facility there’s an area that you need to avoid because that area is prone to Rip Current, to be safe just avoid on that area.

Me and My Travel Buddy/Girlfriend walking on the Islet’s Sandbar

Kalanggaman Island‘s Sandbar is very astonishing, I think it is one of the most beautiful sandbar here in the Visayas, It would take you a minute to reach the end of the sandbar. When it is low tide, you can really appreciate the beauty of the sandbar where the waves will reach each other. And when it is high tide, the sandbar will just form like a tiny island. So get ready your Cameras and take some selfie/groupie on the sandbar.

kalanggaman groupie

Gents and Ladies taking groupie(Group Pictures) on the Islet’s Sandbar…

verdicts & rates

Islet’s Sandbar Group Picture


Since the weather in the Philippines is always sunny especially from March to May, you can go to this island any day except when there are typhoons. The months of July to September are usually rainy months and typhoons come within these months.

Final Verdict

My experience visiting Kalanggaman Island is unforgettable because it was my first time to sleep in a virgin island with only the moon and the stars as our lights for the night. Yes, there are no electricity in the island so your source of light comes from the heavens or you can set up a bonfire if you like. I had to bring my powerbank as alternative charger for my cameras and phones. The coast guard station in the island has solar power equipment and they are also kind to help you in case you need to charge your phone. If given chance to go back on the island? why not? I would loved to. Definitely one of the most memorable experience in my life.


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