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GH Activities:「Danasan Eco Adventure Park」

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  • date 2月 17 2016 – 水曜日

Concealed in a blanket of lush green foliage above the rugged highlands of Danao City, Cebu lies a remote hub for both thrill-seeking adventurers and nature lovers. A playground packed with a diverse range of activities, set on a backdrop of towering mountains and thick jungles – a paradise for intrepid travelers. All you have to do now is to choose what defines your perfect adventure, here at Danasan Eco-Adventure Park.

Danasan Eco Park Adventure is located in the mountain tops of Baranggay Danasan, Danao City Cebu. The park is approximately an hour away from Danao City. The terrain going up to Danasan is mostly uphill and there are breaks of rough road along the way. I would not advise travel with a sedan or any lowered vehicle going up because the roads can be pretty rough.

An adventure pass grants visitors access to each activities which has a corresponding value. Most activities cost one (1) adventure pass, while some few cost two (2). In our case, we availed the day-use package inclusive of four (4 ) adventure tickets, a shuttle from Park Mall in Cebu City to Danasan Eco-Adventure Park and back, and entrance fee.

As of us, we decided to avail their Day Use Package (packages are stated below) since none of us wanted an overnight stay. For our adventure – these includes ATV, Skydrop, Sky bike, Zipline and Horseback riding, and Wakeboard.

Sky Bike


No matter what your age is, this is one adventure you should not miss. It’s not as extreme as the other adventures and you can control your pacing. There will be a guide that will help you in case you need one. Basically, you only have to remember 2 handles, the accelerator and the brakes, both controllable by your grip. As they say, it’s all in your hands.

Zipline And Horse back riding

Sky Drop

This one is pretty intense but off all the rides we’ve tried this one is my favorite. A very nice view from the top, mesmerizing, before they drop you then you’ll forgot to breath for like a second but after you recover you’ll then enjoy the ride. It feels like your in a big swing. Pretty awesome if you ask me.


Only one of our colleauges gets to exprience wakeboard since most of us are girls and you know.. It’s not his first time though so he got the hang of it. Danasan’s wake park features a System 2.0 wherein the cable is strung in between two anchor points.

If you’re an adventurous, outdoor or a nature lover type of a person, then this place is perfect for you. The place offers a lot of fun filled outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, water rafting, rappelling, zip line, wake boarding, camping, caving, horseback riding, ATV and a lot more. Whether you’re going there alone, with a special someone, friends or family, the trip will surely be worth it, tiring but definitly worth it.

Rates & Packages

Barkada Package I

Php 1,200.00 per head (Minimum 10pax)
Inclusive of: Entrance Fee
2 Adventure Activities, 1 Meal (Lunch), Shuttle Service (Roundtrip)

Barkada Package II

Php 2,350.00.00 per head (Minimum of 8pax)
Inclusive of: Overnight stay air-condition room
Free Entrance Fee, Shuttle service (Round Trip), 4 adventure activities, Free use of swimming pool


Php 1,750.00 per head
Inclusive of: Entrance Fee
4 adventure activities, Shuttle Service round trip

One Day Pass

Php 1,400.00 per head
Four (4) Adventure Ticket

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