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King The Explorer: Canigao Island – Matalom, Leyte

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  • date 4月 8 2016 – 金曜日

Woohoo! It’s the best month again! Say hello Summer! That means, it’s time to get wet and tanned!

On our first trip for this summer, we are going to Matalom, Leyte. Where a small island is very famous now to locals and also foreigners – Canigao Island

White sand, turquoise seas, uninhabited island, pristine, and clean. These are the qualities of a beach getaway you have always wanted. Add the word cheap, and there’s nothing more you can ask for. Located at about five kilometers off the shores of Matalom, Leyte’s town center, there is no doubt this is one of the best beach getaway of Eastern Visayas.

About my trip

We took a bus in Ormoc City Terminal and asked the driver to drop us in Matalom, Leyte where in the Island jump off point is located. Travel time is around three hours, so prepare your throw pillows to have a comfortable sleep. But be sure the driver knows that he has to drop you in Matalom. Specifically, Canigao Island is located in Brgy. Itum, Matalom, Leyte.


Touch down! Entrance going to jump off point of the Island.

First thing we saw in the entrance are the vendors selling some Canigao Island souvenirs and delicacies. There a lots of souvenir items to choose from, so take time to pick the best one for some memories.


Upon upon arriving at the ticket booth, we paid 55 pesos for the boat fare back and forth. And also we paid 40 pesos for the entrance/environmental fee of the Island.


Just a few steps at ticket booth area, the boat that will send us to the island is waiting for us. It was already 10:00AM when we sailed towards the island and the sun is almost at the too, a good time to swim and get tanned. Some mangroves can be seen along the with the spectacular view of the town.


When we arrived, there are no accommodation in the island, it only has nipa hut cottages. So, if you are planning to stay overnight, you should bring your own tent.


After looking for a good spot, we started to set-up our tent, event though we are not planning to stay overnight.


After setting our tent up, we roam around and took some pictures. The island can really boast to have white, fine and sandy beaches and crystal clear water. so clear that you can see the bottom.

It is very secluded; the nature lovers and adventure seekers will surely have a good time here. It’s very serene, unspoiled and not so crowdy. Truly a good place to communicate with nature.


In afternoon, we went back and pack-up our things as we will bid farewell to a beautiful island. we have to get back early to catch-up our boat going back to Cebu City.


I did expect something extraordinary from this Island. Maybe I was just stereotyping. Every place has its own beauty and allure. They say that beauty is subjective. Yes, indeed. Canigao Island is beautiful. I realize that when I dipped into its waters. Its not a perfect beach but it still can offer you a good communion with the water.

This island deserves a visit when you are in Leyte. The drama is spectacular. Its pristine waters level it self to the top island destination in the Philippines.


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