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GH Foodtrips:「Ajito」

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  • date 10月 12 2016 – 水曜日
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Ajito is a japanese dinning bar located near 7eleven in Capitol, it’s not a fancy dinning bar but it leaves quite good impression that you’ll be comming back anytime soon.


As for the place, it’s not that elegant but it’s warm and comfortable enough for you to chill and just chat with your peers while your eating.



They have plenty of dishes for you to choose considering it’s just a small dinning bar. So far from all the food we order, everything was delicious. I’ll even recommend that you try their CHANPON NOODLE.

They also offer an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT TAKOYAKI for 300 pesos per person but if you don’t have the appetite to go eat-all-you-can then you can just order one bowl. The best part is that you get to cook your own Takoyaki, so if you mess up it’s all on you buddy.

overall dining experience

Price wise and the food is great. I just don’t like how I smell afterwards, I think it’s common almost to all japanese dinning bar or restaurant, or maybe it’s just me. There’s one way to figure it out, try dinning in Ajito.

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