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How To Order Food Using (FoodPanda) App

  • author King Albert
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  • date Oct 1 2015 – Thursday

Want to eat some food you like but too tired to go out to buy? Then FoodPanda will ease your cravings!

Currently with over 500 partner restaurants offering a variety of dishes and cuisines, FoodPanda offers the most convenient online and mobile food ordering service. Now, you can have your food conveniently delivered in the office or at home via FoodPanda’s website and mobile app. Here’s the step on how you can order using the FoodPanda App

FoodPanda is available in playstore and appstore. You just simply download the app and begin your order.


The next screen will be choosing the country in which you are currently in. Just choose then tap continue for the next screen.


In this next two screen is just some explation of selection from the best rated restaurants, methods of payment which is through online or offline and a Promo Code that you can use once.


On the next screen you’ll be asked on your current location. After that you will be redirected to the main screen of the app or the screen on which you will select the list of restaurants or food shops.


After you’ve selected the restaurant, you’ll be jumping to the restaurant’s menu list screen and choose the food you want and the quantity of what you ordered.


Once finished choosing the food, you will have to fill-up some form if it’s your first time to use the app. Next is the method of payment and you will be given 3 choices, just choose the one of the method and tap continue. after that is the status of your order and how much time it will be delivered into your location.


After a couple of minute, you’ll receive a notification that your order had arrived, just go out and pay the said amount and the delivery man will give the order to you including the official receipt.


Now enjoy the food you ordered and satisfy your cravings!


For the verdict, This kind of service is really reliable. imagine if you’re too busy at home then you want to eat something, you’ll just have to tap and choose the food you like then after that it will just arrive at your footstep. Hopefully someday on the near future, there will be more services can be offered on the internet that could help many people at all times. Thank you FoodPanda for a great service!

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